Are you hiring a large band for your wedding reception, function or party? Are you hiring a small band? Maybe you had planned to hire a large band but have had to hire a small band instead?

What on earth are we talking about? Bands which offer multiple line ups, that’s what. For the life of us, we have never understood why function and wedding bands perform in various line up combinations. We’re sure you have seen them advertised online – “we normally perform as a seven piece but we can also perform as a three piece”. So, when you found the band, you had set your heart on the idea full seven piece line up featuring male and female vocals, full brass section and keyboard player. Imagine how impressed your guests and envious your bride-to-be friends would be with your wedding entertainment!

The reality strikes. You receive a quote from the band – the seven piece line up is charging over £2000! Suddenly, the idea of a large band doesn’t sound so great, does it? OK, so maybe you can do without a keyboard player. But they still want to charge you over £1500. It’s at this point that the band manager tells you “for those on a budget, we can perform as a three piece.” So now, not only do you have to compromise your dream of having a super impressive band in favour of a band that sounds OK but has gaping holes where the brass section and keyboard should be, but you have effectively been told that you’re cheap.











Are you cheap? Of course not. But the hint of disdain you can hear in the managers’ voice as he lamely tries to sell you half a band makes you feel like you’re cutting corners. Are you cutting corners? Of course not. So why are you being made to feel like this?

The answer is simple – large bands are expensive. But rather than throwing a potential sale away, large band managers would rather try to sell you a band not fit for purpose. This is the reason why we always advise brides and grooms and event managers looking to hire a band to think twice before hiring bands with endless line up combinations. There’s no reason why you should have to compromise.

Fortunately, you have found AMPLIFIED BAND. We don’t perform with any additional players; we don’t need to. Our four piece line up is perfect and sounds amazingly full, featuring male and female vocals, guitar, bass guitar, drums AND saxophone. Because we play in the same line up every week, we’re incredibly tight, and all the music we play – whether it’s indie, classic rock, soul, pop, funk and more – is designed to get you on the dance floor and keep you there. Oh, and we are very cost effective, too.

Don’t want to compromise or cut corners? Good; neither do we. Call us direct on 07496 270 893 to find out how we can make you night memorable.

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