Playing At A Marquee Wedding

It looks to us as though Stef and Adam really enjoyed dancing to AMPLIFIED BAND. Another marquee wedding from a little earlier this year just outside Sutton Coldfield, on private land large enough to house a marquee with a fancy dance floor!

Mr. and Mrs. Cruickshank found us via our website, then realised that they had actually seen us perform at a friends’ wedding reception two years before. A quick chat to their friend was enough to convince them to get in touch, as the bride in question had apparently been raving about us to anyone who would listen!

Two Hours Of Live Music & DJ set? Bargain!

Stef was pleased to know that in addition to the two hours of live music, we also provide a manned DJ service at no extra cost. It’s a great way to have a seamless nights’ entertainment without blowing your budget.

Talking of which, when we quoted Stef for her big day, she asked us to repeat as she thought she’d misheard. Unlike many professional bands, we don’t have sliding scale of charges; just one fee for band and DJ music.

No bronze, silver or gold packages designed to get you to spend more money than you wanted to, but one very competitive fee.

stef & adam the married couple dance to live music