Live wedding entertainment can  bring something special to Your celebration…

DJs have become the default choice for wedding reception music, and it’s no wonder! They can set up quickly, are relatively inexpensive to hire, and they have full access to all your favourite hits at the touch of a button. There are many talented DJs out there, but some couples yearn for something a little more personal. If you and your fiancée are one of those couples who thrives on individuality and personal touches, you may want to consider hiring a live band instead.

So what does a live band bring to a wedding?

Due to the nature of live performance, this form of wedding entertainment will always be less predictable, more unique, and certainly more personalized than what you’d expect from a DJ.

Although live bands can be slightly more expensive than DJs, the qualities they bring to your wedding reception are well worth the cost.

Having a group of performers arrive to perform especially for you and your guests is such a treat. There’s electricity, fire, and movement in live music, which is simply not as present in music that’s been pre-recorded.

Live music brings the thrill of the reception to a whole new level!

While every band specializes in its own style of music, all live wedding bands tend to be pretty flexible. They are not limited to their own sound, but rather, can use their unique style to augment and personalize the classic hits you and your friends are used to singing along with. This is how bands make music their own. It’s all part of the adventure!

For instance, although someone almost always requests Amy Winehouses “Valerie”, you’ll rarely hear it played the same way with different live wedding bands.

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