Looking for a wedding or a function band?

I’m Looking to Book a Live Band for my Wedding Entertainment – Should I Book a Wedding Band or a Function Band?

It’s one of the most asked questions when planning your Wedding – Do we Hire a Live Band or Book a DJ for our Wedding Entertainment? More advice before making a booking! It may seem a trivial question but for most people who are searching for bands for hire at their wedding, they may not know the difference, or even if there is one! Generally speaking there is no real difference. However, if you hire a band who advertise themselves as a dedicated ‘wedding band for hire’ then you are likely booking a covers band who are more experienced in the wedding market and therefore understand the needs and concerns of couples booking. These bands will likely have perfected their show to keep all your guests young and old happy and dancing through the night.

Both types of bands put in great effort

That said, if you have found yourself a band who have marketed themselves specifically as a function band then don’t be put off as nearly all working bands will perform at any event. Make it clear what you expect to any of the function bands that you are making enquiries to as they may be happy to make small or even big changes to their set in order to get the booking. It is possible, that you may find that a dedicated function band has a more specific format to their show while a wedding band may have a larger set list dating back through all ages.

Is there a price difference between a wedding band and a function band?

Don’t think that in the case of a wedding band that you are being charged more because they specialise in weddings. The reality is, that all bands for hire consist of multiple members, they carry their own expensive and vulnerable equipment and they will be paying for transport and insurance just to carry out their job. This means that if you are expecting a quality live wedding band at less than £200 per person in the band then it’s probably too good to be true.

 The best wedding bands for hire

So you are searching for the best live wedding band but live outside the capital? There are a plethora of bands for hire scattered all over the UK so you should not have a problem finding one in your area or within a reasonable travel distance for them. Most bands for hire will travel around 100 miles to a performance and sometimes even further, We cover most of England, Scotland and Wales, and often travel much further than 100 miles to perform.

Where to go to hire a band

If you don’t want to pay agent fees and you want to hire a trusted Wedding Band then this website allows you to do such a thing. Amplified Band are one of the UK’s hardest working Wedding Bands, you can check our availability for Bookings by clicking here. Make sure you contact us as soon as possible and we do get booked up quite quickly!